Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blue Marble

Sunset at Monte Clérigo - Portugal 37º20'26.12''N 8º51'13.18''W

Canon EOS 1000D ISO :100 EXP: 1/100 DIAF:22.0 EXT :105mm

I am your home!

And the home of your brothers.
They may not look like you but they are my children as you are mine!
Why don’t you live in peace with each other?
Why should you kill your brother?

I don’t understand this …and I am sad.
I need you all.
I am you and you are me.

If you kill one of your brothers I will miss him, as a son, and there will be an empty place in my heart and where he used to live … at home!
Never again will I be able to have him back.
And nothing will be the same anymore!

I will not be the same, and in time, you will feel it too, because…
where there used to be a son there will be a hole and we will not be complete anymore… anymore!
Where there is a hole there is nothing. And if there is nothing, there can’t be life. And if there is no life, then death takes it’s place. And then there is death.
So, that means that where there is a hole there is death there. So that part of me is dead!
And that means that I am beginning to die!
Each time you kill one of my sons, I die a little.

Can’t you see?
You are killing me! Killing us!
Listen to me!
I am crying out for help!
The Universe made me … and I made you!

Canon EOS 1000D ISO :200 EXP. 1/125 DIAF:14.0 EXT :75mm

Arrifana - Portugal 37º16'40.72''N 8º52'09.16''W

Canon EOS 1000D ISO :200 EXP: 1/80 DIAF:16.0 EXT :75mm

You are my children.
I’ve given birth to you from my womb, so patiently, with so much love.
I’ve patiently watched you grow. I’ve shown you everything there is. Beautiful things. Wonderful things. I’ve shown you life.
I’ve shown you the way of life … the way of things.

How one thing becomes another and another.
How one thing gives way to another and another.
How one thing depends upon another and another.
How one thing cannot exist without another and another.
I’ve shown you that things are done one thing at a time and step by step.
Don’t run. Walk step by step but don’t stop. Keep on walking slowly as it may be, but surely as it must be!

I’ve shown you our way … the way of the balance.
Our balance.
The balance of nature!

Stork and Seagull at Cape Sardão - Portugal 37º35'56.38''N 8º49'04.26''W

Canon EOS 1000D ISO :400 EXP: 1/50 DIAF:16.0 EXT: 125mm

I’ve shown you patience.
Be patient!
I’ve shown you that everything is connected.
Be connected!
I’ve shown you that one thing depends on another.
Be connected!
I’ve shown you that one thing gives way to another.
Don’t break the circle!

Castelejo beach - Portugal 37º05'51.41''N 8º57'02.00W

Canon EOS 1000D ISO :100 EXP. 1/100 DIAF:11.0 EXT: 38mm

Help me! Help us!
Before it is too late!
You can still save me,
You can still save us!
I live because you live! You’ll die if I die!

You know what to do!

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